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Starting a Daycare - 3 Concrete Steps Decatur AL

Every successful venture starts with a well thought out business plan thus enabling the entrepreneur (you) to get a clear, overall picture of what your business will entail.This is the vital, unavoidable first step if you are to have any chance of understanding what it takes for your idea to succeed.

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Starting a Daycare - 3 Concrete Steps

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How To's

Starting a Daycare - 3 Concrete Steps
By Fiona Lohrenz 
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Sep 20, 2007, 09:22


We will assume you know nothing about the industry except that it involves children but you have always dreamed about quitting your job and starting a daycare. That is pretty much the position I was in when I started my day care 10 years ago and I spent a year and a half researching and learning before I got going. But, no panic. Allow me to cut short the research time a little with some pointers on how best to prepare for the exciting journey that is starting your own child care business.

Every successful venture starts with a well thought out business plan thus enabling the entrepreneur (you) to get a clear, overall picture of what your business will entail.
This is the vital, unavoidable first step if you are to have any chance of understanding what it takes for your idea to succeed. Many people get to the business plan stage and no further due to a realisation that the project is unfeasible for whatever reason. So, use your business plan as the first step in your research to figure out if your business will be viable.

Introduction/description,benefits, market research, key financials and conclusion. These are the vital elements of starting any business and are covered by your business plan. I found it to be a great checklist of things to do as I worked my way methodically through each of the required steps. Areas I might have omitted or glossed over were covered leaving me with thorough and accurate vision of my business. Like a good teacher it provided the questions and ensured I filled in the blanks. Business plan templates abound but here a few that I quite like.
USA http://
UK http://www.bytestart.co.uk
Ireland http://www.teagasc.ie/startingyourownbusiness/template.htm

Arrange a meeting with your local licensing representative, have them visit your premises and find out what they will be requiring in terms of premises layout, contents, play area and general health and safety issues. They are the experts and responsible for granting your license so, you want what they want. Get them to give you guidelines and tips on policies and paperwork. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Go to this meeting prepared and armed with a list of questions so you can learn as much as possible.

An invaluable source of information on setting up your day care is existing daycare owners. When I was researching my business I received some of the best tips, hints and advice from other providers, in fact, I still make information gathering visits once a year and learn something new everytime. Call up a couple of established providers (preferably not too close to your proposed venture, they might not be too enamoured of the impending competition!), explain your situation and set up a day to go visit. Most people are delighted to mentor a budding entrepreneur and proud to...

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