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Methods to Fight Spam Anchorage AK

"Spoofing" occurs when a spammer uses some version of your domain name in the "From" address field. Spammers use spoofing to try to hide their identities and to pass blame for spam to innocent Internet users. The large amount of spam messages -- many of which are sent to invalid address -- result in a significant amount of "bounced" e-mail (that is, mail that returned as being undeliverable).

WHERE2BE.Com Consulting
(907) 868-7300
300 E. 54th St. Suite 201
Anchorage, AK
To provide the highest standards of professional IT management enabling our customers to function with the power and tools of a complete in-house IT department at a cost effective rate. Everything from basic home user support to corporate IT outsourcing. Plus advanced features such as statistics tracking.

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Blue Wire Technologies
(907) 339-9119
3501 Denali Street, Suite 303
Anchorage, AK
Our unique setup requires a firm with knowledge of our history and software. Whenever we currently have any questions or problems, our technician has been available to us. We specialize in computer network design, implementation, and repair from the router to the desktop.

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Alaska Computer Geeks
(907) 336-4335
639 W. Intl. Airport Rd #14
Anchorage, AK
Alaska Computer Geeks, is proud to employ CompTIA A+ certified specialists and is committed to delivering prompt and courteous on-site or in-shop service at highly competitive prices. Read what several of our clients say about our service. Alaska Computer Geeks is a licensed and bonded CompTIA Authorized Service Center and Employs A+ Certified technicians.

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Alaska Computer Brokers
(907) 267-4200
551 W Dimond Blvd
Anchorage, AK
Alaska Computer Brokers was established by Russell Ball in 1986. Under his leadership we currently have grown and thrived through the years and now supply technical services around the state. We feel our success in a very reasonable market has come from building a strong staff of specialists and our care to detail.

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MacHaus of Alaska
(907) 522-4622
1231 W Northern Lights Blvd
Anchorage, AK
Weston Computing Solutions
(907) 248-4470
139 E. 51st Ave Suite 200
Anchorage, AK
Want a computer consulting staff that keeps your computers reliable and lightning fast? What if your pc problems could be resolved before they affected your teams productivity or even before you kn ew there was a problem? How would you wish to spend all the money youd be saving by having our level of pc service: Where all your computers were maintained, patched and fine tuned each week, all without interrupting your business operations?

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(907) 561-6283
3003 Minnesota Dr. Suite 300
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Tekmate is the voice and data integration specialist. Our highly certified and experienced team will supply a single point of contact, pre-sales consultation, vendor options, financing, installation, and post-sales support on existing and new phone system and computer network solutions

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Computer Rigs
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5800 Fiji Street
Anchorage, AK
By delivering system consultation for their requirements versus pricing with what is available in Alaska as well as on the open market. My name is Lewis Riggs and i am an IC 3 and A+ certified computer technician with extensive training in various other networking and computer support areas. During my time at college, built and supported several gaming machines networks, including liquid cooled systems

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Jacobs Chaos
(907) 929-4999
10900 Forest Dr
Anchorage, AK
Individuals and firms depend on their computers for many critical, daily tasks. Jacobs CHAOS provides a complete array of IT services to make sure that your pc is working for you. We supply professional, high-quality service at affordable prices in the comfort and convenience of your business or home.

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Alaska Data Technologies LLC
(907) 278-8470
211 H Street # 1
Anchorage, AK
Computers and Equipment Repair and Maintenance, Computer and Equipment Dealers, Computer Hardware and Supplies, Computer Networks, Consumer Electronics Stores

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Methods to Fight Spam

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Working @ Home

Methods to Fight Spam!!!
By Wendy 
Email Email
Jan 6, 2008, 09:22

Industry experts estimate that three out of every five e-mail messages that are sent today are spam.

This is not only a nuisance; it is costing us all time and money which could be better spent on productive ventures.

Bizwala is committed to fighting spam & blocks a great deal without customer intervention. Our systems are updated daily and we are always working to improve our spam filtering.

Though we may never be able to block it all, we can offer some suggestions to combat spam effectively.
Q: How can I prevent spam from reaching my e-mail account?

A: People who send spam compile their mailing lists in many ways. Methods to compile such lists include:

Sending spam to e-mail addresses that are most commonly used. A common tactic consists of building lists of targeted addresses that use frequently used words such as "webmaster" or "info" (for example, "webmaster@mydomainname" or "info@mydomainname").

Obtaining e-mail addresses that are automatically "harvested" from web sites by specialized software.

Compiling lists of e-mail addresses that are either chosen or generate at random (for example, " joe1@mydomainname", "joe2@mydomainname" or "joe3@mydomainname". This method is becoming increasingly frequent.

Because spammers often send spam to undefined e-mail aliases such as aabbcc@domain.com, ccddee@domain.com, mfrds@domain.com, you can combat the receipt of spam effectively by not using a catch-all address . (The catch-all is an alias that is used to receive mail sent to undefined addresses/aliases .)

Q: What is spoofing and how can I fight it?

A: "Spoofing" occurs when a spammer uses some version of your domain name in the "From" address field. Spammers use spoofing to try to hide their identities and to pass blame for spam to innocent Internet users. The large amount of spam messages -- many of which are sent to invalid address -- result in a significant amount of "bounced" e-mail (that is, mail that returned as being undeliverable). Unfortunately, bounced mail is sent back to the address found in the "From" line of the spammed message.
Typically, the "From" line is also an undefined e-mail address not found in your mail settings. To combat receiving bounced mail messages, you can use the "devnull" alias that we mentioned in the previous question and answer.

Q: Even if my account is not generating any spam, can the mail server I use get blocked because of spam?

Unfortunately, yes. The main cause for blacklisting your mail server depends on where the spammed e-mail is ultimately received and how the ISP who maintains that location reacts to spam and to spam complaints. Many account holders with Bizwala forward e-mail messages that are sent to there hosting account. For example, a ...

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