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Marketing Services Auburn AL

This page provides useful content and local businesses that can help with your search for Marketing Services. You will find helpful, informative articles about Marketing Services, including "Ten Ways to Market Yourself in 2011". You will also find local businesses that provide the products or services that you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Auburn, AL that will answer all of your questions about Marketing Services.

Marketing & Technology Group
(334) 887-2226
485 Nottingham Dr
Auburn, AL
Modern Media Consulting
(334) 444-2204
1512 Malone Ct
Auburn, AL
Auburn Network Inc
(334) 826-2929
197 E University Dr
Auburn, AL
Mge Associates
(334) 821-2939
941 Opelika Rd
Auburn, AL
M & B Marketing
(256) 764-9431
325 Kingston Dr
Florence, AL
The Auburn Business Circle, LLC
(334) 275-5668
650 North College Street
Auburn, AL
Rice Signs Llc
(334) 821-3714
2256 Pumphrey Ave
Auburn, AL
Mcnutt & Company Llc
(334) 501-4807
441 Cary Dr
Auburn, AL
Ellis-Harper Advertising
(334) 887-6536
710 Old Stage Rd
Auburn, AL
Am Marketing
(256) 383-6189
1100 Avalon Ave
Muscle Shoals, AL

Ten Ways to Market Yourself in 2011

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January 28th, 2011 admin | No Comments »

Here we are in the first month of a new year. This is one of those years where many professionals are feeling more optimistic than they were at this time 12 months ago.
That’s refreshing. It’s a much better feeling than we had at the beginning of 2010. But while the stock market has been rising, tax cuts have been extended and business is picking up, these are far from ideal times. High unemployment persists, and the economy still has a cautious, uncertain feeling to it.
Today’s business environment remains somewhat perilous, but at the same time, there are great prospects for those who play their cards right. That’s why it is so important for you to build your personal brand and create opportunities.
Whether you want more/bigger clients or a better career opportunity, make a commitment to market yourself in 2011. To get you started, here are 10 items to consider:
Live actively and focus externally – Be active and involved outside your home or office. Show up at networking events. Go out of your way to talk to people when you are in public venues. Remember that 75% of all jobs are never advertised and a similar percentage of big clients only come from relationship-building.
Determine what is most interesting – You need an “area of self-marketing expertise,” something about your business or career that is fascinating to people outside your profession. Focus on this when you are networking or using social media.
Focus on results when networking – When you go to networking events, go in with a goal in mind. Sure, you should try to enjoy your conversations, but make it a mission to find a good lead or a golden opportunity.
Exploit social media – Don’t just have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Make sure you post material that is interesting and not just inane personal stuff. Use social media to strengthen your reputation by building on your area of self-marketing expertise.
Make people feel important – When you are talking to someone, make him or her feel like the only person in the world who matters to you at that moment. This will help you develop advocates, people you can count on when you need help.
Build your “Google trail” – Rest assured, that people are Googling you on a regular basis. A prospective client will probably Google you to know who he or she is dealing with before meeting with you. That’s why a Google trail is so important. If nothing or very little pops up when someone Google’s you, there’s a problem – they’ll assume you don’t have much going on. Therefore, Google your own name on a regular basis. If you’re not very visible on line, deliberately get your name out there to build an Internet presence.
Ask probing questions – Don’t just chit-chat and...

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