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Family Financial Planners Springfield OR

This page provides useful content and local businesses that can help with your search for Family Financial Planners. You will find helpful, informative articles about Family Financial Planners, including "Marital Bli$$: Eight Money Management Tips to Help You Stop the Fighting and Start the Uniting". You will also find local businesses that provide the products or services that you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Springfield, OR that will answer all of your questions about Family Financial Planners.

Ben Utley
Physician Family Financial Advisors
(541) 463-0899
399 East 10th Avenue, Suite 103
Eugene, OR
Advising Medical Professionals, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules, Ongoing Investment Management, Helping Clients Identify & Achieve Goals, College/Education Planning, Socially Responsible Investments
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, CFP®, MS

Arthur Brunson
ADB Capital Management, LLC
(541) 302-5814
401 E. 10th Avenue, Suite 245
Eugene, OR
Helping Clients Identify & Achieve Goals, Ongoing Investment Management, Socially Responsible Investments, Retirement Plan Investment Advice, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules, College/Education Planning
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, CFP®

Ms. Suanne Y. Jones, CFP®
(541) 736-3810
1716 G St
Springfield, OR
Areas of Specialization
Wealth Management
Key Considerations
Profession: Not Applicable

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Mr. Jeffrey Sean Savage, CFP®
(541) 349-0774
1200 Executive Pkwy, Ste 220
Eugene, OR
Detlefsen Nel & Associates

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Ms. Janice M. Anderson, CFP®
(541) 345-3210
1860 Willamette St
Eugene, OR
Anderson & Associates CPA LLC

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Jeffrey Yamada
MCS Financial Advisors
(541) 345-7023
360 East 10th Avenue, Suite 200
Eugene, OR
High Net Worth Client Needs, Financial Issues Between Generations, Ongoing Investment Management, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules, Planning Issues for Business Owners, Divorce Planning
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, BA, CFP®, MBA

Ryan Darwish
Darwish Capital Management
(541) 345-9025
5070 Donald Street
Eugene, OR
Ongoing Investment Management, High Net Worth Client Needs, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules, Special Needs Planning, Financial Issues Between Generations, Women's Financial Planning Issues
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, CFP®, ChFc, CLU, MBA

Mr. Scott L. Pope, CFP®
(541) 345-5669
321 Mill St
Eugene, OR
Sustainable Wealth Management

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Mr. Scot F. Berryman, CFP®
(541) 465-1438
975 Oak Street
Eugene, OR
Morgan Stanley
Areas of Specialization
Business Succession Planning, Comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment Management, Sudden Wealth Management

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Mr. Penn W. Rettig Ii, CFP®
(541) 344-7000
1200 Executive Pkwy
Eugene, OR
Multi-Financial Securities Cor
Areas of Specialization
Asset Allocation, Charitable Giving, Estate Planning, Investment Management, Long-Term Care

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Marital Bli$$: Eight Money Management Tips to Help You Stop the Fighting and Start the Uniting

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Marital Bli$$: Eight Money Management Tips to Help You Stop the Fighting and Start the Uniting
By Eric Tyson, MBA 
Jul 9, 2010, 17:53


Your W-2s have arrived and with them comes the annual marital tension. The two of you made a decent income in 2007 but, once again, there's little to show for it. If you're the "saver" in the marriage, you're glowering at your new-car-buying, Starbucks-swilling, iTunes downloading spouse. If you're the "spendthrift," you're deflecting her righteous indignation with a defensive "What? I'm not allowed to have any fun?"

Yes, this time of year is always rife with money conflicts and regrets-but financial counselor Eric Tyson says it doesn't have to be this way.

"Why not make this the year that you have a frank discussion about the money issues in your marriage?" suggests Tyson, author of the new book Let's Get Real About Money! Profit from the Habits of the Best Personal Finance Managers (FT Press, December 2007, ISBN-10: 0-1323416-1-1, ISBN-13: 978-0-1323416-1-5, $19.99). "For most couples, those insufficient funds are often a result of poor communication skills and other personal problems that result in difficulty handling money. If you don't address these issues head-on, you'll never get a handle on your money."

One problem that plagues modern day marriages is a tendency for the two individuals within a married couple to give in to "me" thinking instead of buying into the "we" thinking that should come when you join your life with someone else's. This phenomenon can lead to selfish overspending practices or, on the other end of the spectrum, secret money stashing.

"I've been surprised over the years by how many people have stashes of money hidden from their spouses," notes Tyson. "Stashing money isn't any healthier than regularly blowing your paycheck and leaving your spouse to pay all the bills. Likewise, if both of you have the same unhealthy spending patterns-say, spending every dollar or hoarding every dollar-you're headed for trouble and unhappiness. Finding financial stability within a marriage is all about balance."

The old cliché is true. While opportunities for conflict abound in marriage, from child rearing to sex to recapping the toothpaste, money issues can set off some of the largest fireworks (and produce plenty of smoldering hot spots just under the surface). Here's Tyson's advice that will help solve your money problems now:

Start talking about money now. Most people are raised to believe that it's impolite and inappropriate to discuss money with others, and are taught that it's a private, personal, and confidential matter. The result is that most couples never seriously talk about money. While dating, they are in denial about the importance of all things financial, even though it's a huge issue looming on the horizon.

"If you avoided talking about money while you were dating-and chances are you did-don't kee...

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