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Being a Frugal Mom Bettendorf IA

There are things that you can do with your children that will cut the cost of spending to much money on "doing" something with the kids. Try to think of things that the kids would enjoy that either do not cost a lot of money or cost nothing at all.

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Being a Frugal Mom

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Frugal Living

Being a Frugal Mom
By Rhonda Warren 
Email rhondawarren@wahfamilies.com
Nov 6, 2005, 14:57


This day and age it is very difficult for families to live off of one income. On the other hand its almost not worth the mother working when you have to pay all of your money out for groceries, gas and most of all babysitting. So a lot of moms are turning to the alternative of being a stay at home and cutting costs every way that they can.

Here are some awesome ways to save money as well as some creative idea’s.

Pocket Change
Keep a jar or some type of container handy and each time you come home, drop in your change. Every time you break a bill, put the change in your container. You will be amazed how quickly your money will build.

We sort our change weekly and either splurge on a pizza dinner (bonus #2: a day off from cooking!), or we take our little one to Chuck E. Cheese. It’s a great way to fund that “extra” weekly event without having to dip into your checking account or bill money.

When you shop, look for items that can be reused. Rechargeable batteries are a perfect example. Even though the initial purchase may be more than non-rechargeable batteries, there is a definite savings over a long period. Another option would be to purchase a nice artificial Christmas tree. Many of the current artificial trees look amazingly real and with the right lights and ornaments, you can change the look from year to year. (Hint: be sure to check out department store’s “after Christmas” sales for a great deal on fake trees! I’ve seen fiber-optic trees, valued at $200, marked down to $35 the week after Christmas.)

Entertainment with the Kids
There are things that you can do with your children that will cut the cost of spending to much money on "doing" something with the kids. Try to think of things that the kids would enjoy that either do not cost a lot of money or cost nothing at all.
For Example:
• Take the kids to the park with a picnic lunch
• Go to the library and let the kids pick out some books and movies then go home and read books to them and watch movies!
• Go Fishing, Camping, walking, swimming
• Let the kids play with the water hose or water balloons in the summer time
• Grill out in your own yard while the kids play outside making mud pies and things in their own yard.
• Go to a place like Toys 'R Us (They have this here in Indiana, not sure about other states) and let the kids play for free in their play area!
• Make the kids a tent inside of your house with a sheet over your kitchen table, give them flash lights and things like they are camping out! You will be amazed how much fun the kids will actually have!
• Go outside and blow bubbles with your children. Children love playing with bubbles and there are often times that we don't allow them to play with them because of the mess! But go outside and blow bubbles with them for a little bit...

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